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Hello and thank you so much for visiting my site!

I am an eclectic soul who loves variety in life!  I’m an actor, entrepreneur, international adventurer, and avid runner.  I love anything to do with culture including learning languages, going to theatre, museums, art galleries, and eating international cuisine.  I’m a down to earth gal with diverse interests.  I’m Canadian born and have lived all across the United States, Germany and Italy.  After returning to Canada, North Vancouver is a fit for someone who love the mountains, ocean, and a world-class city.

My favourite thing about acting is the art and community of storytelling.  Film and theatre are living art that can transform a soul, bring hope, demand courage, give comfort, open our eyes, our minds and whole new worlds.  As an actor, I am a vessel for others to see, experience, and feel.  I must learn the stories, be an avid observer, a keen truth-teller and able to transform myself.  As the character I must be vulnerable, feel the extreme joy and pain, and fight like hell to get what I want.  A few favourite roles include: Bella (Lost In Yonkers); Annie (Miracle Worker); and Ann (Libelle).

As I continue to pursue acting in Vancouver, I have found two business ventures that are a great fit for me.  The business of Real Estate is a fascinating one.  I focus on the creativity of the fix and flips, as well as creating long-term wealth in the buy and hold model.  I hope you will enjoy some of my “Fix and Flip” blogs and feel free to offer any suggestions as to how to make my video blogs better.  My other venture is appreciation marketing – sending cards and gifts to build relationships and appreciate people who enrich my life.

I am on a quest of freedom, growth and learning to serve others better as I pursue these avenues.  I decided to join the blogging world in hopes of enriching people’s lives, providing motivation and encouragement in my own process, and making some lifelong connections.

Thanks for joining me!

Anita Dionne Reimer